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Meet the team

Our yoga practitioners and session leaders have expertise in a range of yoga styles and mind-body practices, as well as a background in working with people with various additional needs. They each bring their experience, personality and unique style to their work - read more about them below!

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Ellie Firth

Founding Director and Yoga Teacher

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Laura Merriman

Yoga Teacher


Pollyanna Steiner

Yoga Teacher

Rachel Gosling

Rachel Gosling

Yoga Teacher

Alisia Houghton.jpg

Alisia Houghton

Dance and Yoga Teacher

Helen White.jpg

Helen White

Yoga Teacher

Sarah FAce_edited.jpg

Sarah Lawrence

Yoga Teacher

Jordan (Director).jpeg

Jordan Wilkey

 Pilates and Mindful Movement Teacher

LAuren Robson.jpg

Lauren Robson

Yoga Teacher


Jane Lawrence

Yoga Teacher