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Connect Through Yoga

What is 'Connect Through Yoga' all about?

Umbrella Yoga CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company

that brings yoga to people with additional mental and physical needs.

With ‘Connect Through Yoga’ we offer businesses the chance to meet

promote wellbeing in the workplace and make a contribution to the local community.

With ‘Connect Through Yoga’, we pair businesses

with charities, and bring yoga to:

Your employees, where reducing stress and promoting 

wellbeing in the workplace are key benefits; 

People with additional physical or mental needs,

   which can enhance quality of life by helping them

   to breathe, move, digest, and sleep more easily.


Yoga can have a powerful impact on a person’s life. 


How do we do it?

We make it work for you! We could either set up regular yoga sessions at a time that suits you and your team, or we could offer a one-off session at your wellbeing event or away day. Sessions could be online or in person.


Alongside this, your participation provides sponsorship

to run tailored yoga classes for a group with special needs or specific medical difficulties.


Why yoga?

Because yoga can improve the mental and physical state of your team!  How?


Yoga can:

  • Develop the ability to relax

  • Manage and reduce of the feelings of frustration and stress

  • Improve mobility, physical strength and postural alignment

  • Increase energy levels

  • Improve quality of sleep

  • Improve digestion

  • Help with organising mental states

  • Reduce hyperactivity

Charities we currently work with

Our collaborating charities and services support a wide range of people, each with a different combination of mental and physical additional needs. Support from corporate groups enables us to offer our services free of charge to these people, which makes a real differences to the quality of care, and ultimately, their quality of life. 

womens centre.png

A wellbeing and mental

health service for women

in crisis.


Creative projects for children and young people with additional needs.


A day centre for adults

with learning difficulties.



A service for people

with severe mental

and physical disabilities.

Fun at Yoga

The detail

Being part of Umbrella Yoga and 'Connect Through Yoga'

By joining Umbrella Yoga, you will be bringing the benefits of yoga to both your staff and to a group of people with additional physical or mental needs.

Your package will include:

  • A regular online yoga session provided for your staff. This can be recorded and provided to staff members at a later time if they are unable to attend the session.

  • The sponsorship of a charity service or day centre. We will deliver a regular tailored yoga class to a group with special needs or specific mental health difficulties. 

  • We will publicise your involvement on social media and also ensure the charity/service is aware that your business is making this direct contribution to their service.

If you would like updates on the progress of the group and feedback from the service, we will happily provide it.


What does it cost?

We can arrange one-off session if you have an event or just want to treat your staff!


Ideally, we ask you to commit to a longer-term arrangement, which allows us to offer continuity and consistency to your paired charity service / day centre.  We can tailor the package to your needs, but as guide: If you commit to 2-months, the cost is £125 per week (including one workplace and one charity session). If you commit to 4-months, the cost is £110 per week.


You have the option to increase the number of sessions / charities that you sponsor. For instance, if you sponsor two charity sessions for every one workplace session, the cost would £200 per set.



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'The yoga session has really helped me make some headspace and face the week ahead!!'


Deb, S2R Create Space




If you'd just like to support us, donations are always welcome and extremely appreciated. Just follow the link below.

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