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Connect Through Yoga

Yoga for staff & a community contribution

Next week the kids go back to school! No more juggling home schooling and work, giving neither my full attention, and feeling like I’m dropping balls all over the place… Hooray!


But what about your staff? While the homeschooling burden is lifted, there’s no going back to the office just yet. So, this is the perfect time to offer your team something to keep them motivated and stay connected and healthy. Plus, spring is here! So what better time to start something new?!?


You can find out the details here, or just get in touch! But in brief….

With ‘Connect Through Yoga’, we pair businesses with charities, and bring yoga to:

• Your employees, where reducing stress and promoting wellbeing in the workplace are key benefits;

• People with additional physical or mental needs, which can enhance quality of life by helping them to breathe, move, digest, and sleep more easily.

And guess what - we can get started with a FREE SESSION!

Generally we ask for a 3 - 6 month commitment to the programme, but if you're after a one-off session for a staff meeting or just something different to do together (are you all quizzed out yet?!?!?) then get in touch and we work it out together.

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