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That's a yoga-wrap: end of TNL Community Fund

Our first grant has come to a close! Here's what our yogis and services thought about their yoga practice-experience...

What was the funding for?

A 6-month programme of yoga sessions aimed at people with additional needs. The primary aims were to:

- provide relaxation

- improve mental wellbeing

- improve physical wellbeing

- reduce isolation

- promote healthy routines

How many people benefitted, and who were they?

A total of 120 yoga sessions were delivered, with over 400 people taking part in at least 2 sessions. Due to lockdown restrictions, the vast majority were delivered on-line. We delivered sessions in collaboration with the following ‘host’ organisations:

- Carers Count / Parents of Children with Additional Needs (PCAN)

- LS2Y

- Homestart

- Gaddum (yoga sessions for staff wellbeing)

We also established two groups independently (Walking and Yoga with Laura / Wellness with Sally).

Feedback from beneficiaries:

We asked participants what they thought of the programme. (A full summary of comments is included at the end of this report). 34 people responded to our survey.

· 88% of people thought the yoga sessions helped them physically (e.g., with any feelings of tension in the body, energy levels, or any muscular pains).3% said they did not help physically, and 6% were unsure.

· 91% of participants said the yoga sessions helped them mentally? (e.g., with feelings of stress or low mood). 3% said they did not help them mentally and 6% were unsure.

· 78% of participants said the the yoga sessions helped them to feel connected to other people. (i.e., reduced isolation).19% said they did not help them feel connected and 3% were unsure.

· 86% of participants indicated that they would like to continue with their session if it was available.

Our day centres for adults with complex learning disabilities told us the following:

Have the sessions helped the participants physically? Many of our members have some form of physical impairment and can lack the confidence to engage in public sessions, Ellie has enabled them to become more confident in a space they are comfortable in.

Have the sessions helped the participants mentally? Many of our members struggle with anxiety and during such uncertain times completing sessions run by an instructor has had a very positive impact on their mental health, especially for those no long

Have the sessions helped the participants feel connected to others? Though it is a virtual session exposure to new people and situations within the safety of the current social distancing practice has been very beneficial to our members.

Have they enjoyed the sessions? Our members will discuss the session throughout lunch, what they enjoyed and what they struggled with, it has been a good way to encourage group discussion and develop communication skills.

You can download the full report and complete list of participant comments here:

End of Grant Report_TNL Community Fund_M
Download • 1.44MB

If you'd like to find out how you could receive yoga sessions for a service you are involved with, please get in touch, and check out the info here

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