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The Christmas Crow - the yoga gift for your staff!

Updated: 5 days ago

What are you doing for your staff this festive season?

How about some yoga sessions to get people together (online), get people moving (from home), and give your staff the wellbeing and morale boost they deserve!

Sessions will be tailored to suit your group. Whether you are after a one-off session to raise energy levels and have some fun, or a series of relaxing sessions to calm the nerves - we've got you covered! Small groups or multi-site offices - we can make it work.

We can arrange the sessions on Zoom, or use your meeting software if you prefer. Our yoga teachers are all insured to teach online, and experienced in (and passionate about!) teaching yoga-newbies.

By getting involved with our Umbrella Yoga Corporate Collaboration you will help us to provide much needed yoga sessions to our groups with additional needs. As we head into 2021, many of our groups are

Get in touch to discuss prices and packages.

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